• Bases 141 - Phil Graham - AI - ET's An Experiencer Digs Deep

    1 season

    Bases 141 - Phil Graham - AI - ET's An Experiencer Digs Deep

  • BASES2022 at The Bouverie Hall

    7 items

    Bases 2022 At the Bouverie Hall.

  • BASES2024 Summer Seminar

    13 items

    BASES2024 Summer Seminars 15th -16th June 2024 at SN95EQ Pewsey, Wiltshire.

    Featuring Mark Pilkington, Gill Kirkham, Sayed Mahmoud Noah, Mark Rayworth, Jeanie Rebane, Sandi Adams Team, Julie Phelps, Thomas Mikey Jensen, and special Keynote speaker - Deborah Hatswell.
    Hosted by Miles Johnston Bas...

  • BASES2021 - Christmas Lecture

    8 items

    Bases 2021 Christmas Lectures Hosted by Miles Johnston

  • BASES2020 Christmas Lectures

    4 items

    BASES2020 Christmas Lectures Hosted by Miles Johnston

  • BASES2020 - Conferences & Seminars

    11 items

    BASES2020 - Conferences & Seminars.
    Hosted by Miles Johnston

  • The Black Knight Satellite. Duncan Lunan Exclusive. SpaceJunk Ep 2

    The Black Knight Satellite !
    What is the Black Knight Satellite and how have it become such a mystery!
    We look into the images from STS Mission 88, and the signals that Nicola Tesla recieved in in 1899.
    Watch Duncan Lunan Exclusive with Dollie IndigoStar in an interview where he put things right...

  • BASES Lectures 2019

    5 items

    Bases Lectures 2019 - Recorded in Devizes UK.
    Hosted by Miles Johnston.

  • FRACTURED The Death of Max Spiers

    4 items

    After British conspiracy theorist Max Spiers died in Poland in July 2016, there were rumours about aliens and a satanic cult.
    He believed he was a super soldier and could fight in other dimensions. His mother believes his computer had been wiped and wants answers about how he died.
    India Rakusen ...

  • Docufobia - The Secret Space Program

    A 2019 Spacelink TV production by Dollie Indigostar & Thomas Mikey Jensen
    The Secret Space program from Eisenhower to Donald Trump

  • BASES2016 - Conference Lectures Seminars

    16 items

    BASES2016 is a collection of the conferences, lectures, and seminars held in 2016 by The Bases Project.

  • BASES2015 - 2nd International Conference . The Barge Inn. Woodborough Conference

    19 items

    Remember to come back again, we have many more videos from BASES2015 to be uploaded.

  • BASES In America

    13 items

    UFOs, Conferences, Interviews, Lectures.
    With Miles Johnston Bases TV in America

  • BASES2014 - 1st International Conference & Lectures

    18 items

    BASES2014 International Conference Series Hosted by Miles Johnston

  • BASES in America - David "Michael" Cota - Astral Warrior - IUFOC 2017

    Transgenetics between Humans - Animals - Plants.
    Communicating between Demons - Aliens - Beyond the Astral.

  • Bases 138 - Ralphie Castaldo

    1 season

    Introducing Ralphie Castaldo, and his experiences out of body in the plasma ocean between the stars. An intuitive, and master dowser.

    Further discussions and focus on specific subject will continue on basestv.com

  • Bases 137 - Bob Osborne - Zennor Spirit of Place

    1 season

    Mad In England - Rebel Not Taken.
    Co Producer - Documentary "Zennor Spirit of Place"
    Writer - Artist - Author "Zennor Spirit of Place"

  • Bases 136 - Gosia Duszak - Cosmic Agency

    1 season

    Taygetan Pleiadians - Social Media Contact
    Miles Johnston with Gosia Duszak

  • Bases 135 - Venus Sparklebalm - MK Ultra

    1 season

    Venus Sparklebalm joins us from Las Vegas, and gives the shocking accounts of her torture, serious injuries and torture she has incurred and bravely fought through, in her life as a Gaslighted MK Ultra torture victim
    NO longer a Victim, she shows fortitude through her injuries, such as a crushed ...

  • Bases 134 - Sarah Adams - Bringing In The Light Pt1

    1 season

    Sarah Adams, gives an enlightened second interview, with the Bases Project, and mentions her former partner, the late Max Spiers. Max was assassinated in 2016. It's taken this long to be able to discuss him, as he seems to be present.... We feature some good moments with Max and Sarah, in Canterb...

  • Bases 133 - Liz Lambert - Constitutional Employment Lawyer

    1 season

    Miles Johnston with Constitutional Constitution Lawyer Liz Lambert

  • Bases 131 - Nikki Colombo - Milabs & Abduction

    1 season

    Nikki Colombo gives frank and and detailed account of her MILAB, that is Military Abduction experiences , involving the military.
    Starting with some sarcasm and fun, we get across her new project, and some terrible marks left on her.
    The double reflection photographs, seem to show Tall Whites (No...

  • Bases 129 - Gretta Fahey - Non Touch Weapons

    1 season

    Gretta Fahey is a brilliant courageous woman, facing down the totally evil scum who perpetrate these crimes, V2k, Voice to skull.
    These vile "things" plan to completely take over all life here, using "swarm technology", Puppet Labs. Total control.
    They can be attacked and destroyed using the same...

  • Bases 140 - Dana Louise - Its Gonna Sound Weird

    1 season

    Dana Louise is a wife and mother of two. She lives in St Paul MN and has worn many hats in the past: a Finalist on Norwegian reality show "Alt For Norge" season 9, food-truck owner, Reiki Master Teacher, Minister, TFT level II Practitioner, Death Doula, Public Speaker and more. Her personal (mult...