Thomas Mikey Jensen - SpaceLink TV

Thomas Mikey Jensen - SpaceLink TV

Thomas Mikey Jensen of SpaceLink TV, Share his point of view on the universe and it's many mysteries.

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Thomas Mikey Jensen - SpaceLink TV
  • The Baltic Sea Anomaly. An Unsolved Mystery.

    The Baltic Sea Anomaly. A mystery still unsolved.
    But what do the crew on Ocean X Team think of what they found back in 2011?
    Hear them give their private thoughts of what the anomaly could be.
    What do the Ocean X Teams followers believe it is ?
    I talked to a'lot of them as well, and you can he...

  • Did Anomaly Hunter Find Nuts and Bolt on Mars in Curiosity Image

    The Smoking Gun on Mars is still smoking!

    Big Credit to David Gannett Marsx3D (YouTube) Also Chris Moroney Mars Anomalies (YouTube)

    Researchers are astonished after seeing the image from Curiosity Rover showing a Real bolt as we know it on the surface of Mars, next to a few objects with a profi...

  • The Baltic Sea Anomaly - A Journey Back In Time

    Join me on a one hour journey back in time, with The Ocean X Team.
    Review some of the ROV underwater footage and videos of the anomaly.
    This is some of the most intriguing foto's, animations, video's, and updates about the BSA.
    Hope you give it a watch and a share.
    What could it be !
    Will we...

  • Amazing Mars And The Connection With Egypt !

    What we see on Mars could be constructions like we know from Egypt but minimum 10.000 years older.

    See why and how this theory has been collected and brought together.
    This is my contribution to connect the dots between Mars and Egypt.

    The Egypt Gigapan for educational practice: http://gigapan....

  • Mars Unveiled - The Full Evaluation of The M18 Anomaly Found on Mars.

    In August 2000, the Mars Global Surveyor Satellite took an image that show something extra ordinary on it.
    What look like a round saucer shaped object, was at first dismissed as an error on the image.
    Thomas Mikey Jensen took the challenge, an can now present the full evidence of it not being an ...

  • The Black Knight Satellite. Duncan Lunan Exclusive. SpaceJunk Ep 2

    The Black Knight Satellite !
    What is the Black Knight Satellite and how have it become such a mystery!
    We look into the images from STS Mission 88, and the signals that Nicola Tesla recieved in in 1899.
    Watch Duncan Lunan Exclusive with Dollie IndigoStar in an interview where he put things right...

  • Space Junk EP1 - Is It All Just Junk !

    NASA has delivered thousands of video material of ligths that changes direction in space, They call it Ice Crystals, we call it a lie.
    Let's have a look at 44 NASA video recordings from the many STS Missions performed since the late 70s. Is It All Just Junk !

  • Anunnaki Gods & Goddesses - Inanna A Queen That Time Forgot

    Inanna - Queen of Heaven & Earth
    This is a great little bio of Innana and her life as a Queen.
    Innana was well known for achieving her goal by using her "Female Powers" She was fearless and fiery, and would never accept a no.
    She would always reach her goal !
    Amazing story of an amazing queen.

  • DocUFObia What If... We Had Full Disclosure Tomorrow !

    What If... The governments around the world told the truth about life in our universe ?
    What If... We found out there is life on the moon and on Mars ?
    What If... You could ask a question regarding the new statement of life in our Universe, What would you ask ?
    Did the Apollo 11 team see a UFO th...