BASES2024 Summer Seminar

BASES2024 Summer Seminar

BASES2024 Summer Seminars 15th -16th June 2024 at SN95EQ Pewsey, Wiltshire.

Featuring Mark Pilkington, Gill Kirkham, Sayed Mahmoud Noah, Mark Rayworth, Jeanie Rebane, Sandi Adams Team, Julie Phelps, Thomas Mikey Jensen, and special Keynote speaker - Deborah Hatswell.
Hosted by Miles Johnston Bases TV

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BASES2024 Summer Seminar
  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Gill Kirkham

    Through ADHD diagnosis in 2010, Star Being Embodiment 2013 and Deep Trauma Release Training, Multidimensional access is ready to teach!

    Gill Kirkham, Mind Alchemist.

    Developed STATE CHANGE ALCHEMY TM, IT IS THE WORLD'S FIRST MODALITY which encompasses perception shifts to enhance the human ex...

  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Mark Pilkington

    Mark Pilkington is the author of Mirage Men: A Journey into Disinformation, Paranoia and UFOs (2010) and wrote the documentary film of the same name. His day job is running Strange Attractor Press, and he also makes electronic music whenever he can. He’s currently in the early stages of writing a...

  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Jeanie Rebane

    Jeanie Rebane is a funeral celebrant, Tarot reader, writer, comedian and public speaker. Workshop leader, And she identifies as IBOL
    'Interdimensional being of light'

    Jeanie's talk covers a variety of topics, astrology, birth charts, astrocartography, how they both play a huge part in our poten...

  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Mark Rayworth

    Shifting Timelines, Entity Encounters, UFO Mind connection and the fast approaching Singularity Event.

    Marks new talk exclusive to a Bases Conference is an in depth look into the elusive nature of our ever moving reality through the lens of his personal experience.

    Mark has had many different “...

  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Deborah Hatswell

    Deborah Hatswell is an Investigator & Researcher of the strange and unexplained. A witness to a Cryptid Creature herself in 1982 Deborah set out to find other people who had seen and experienced the impossible. Over 40 years later Deborah is a self taught Parapsychologist and is a leading expert ...

  • Bases2024 Q & A Saturday

    Q & A Saturday with Mark Jeanie Gill and Deborah

  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Julie Phelps

    Julie Phelps is former RAF, propulsion engineer, and has worked on classified "SSP" systems, for want of a better term. Here she describes different ET and terrestrial nonhuman beings.

    Julie had to flee Canada after her husband was ritually slaughtered by Canadian Satanic Cults in Ontario.


  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Thomas Mikey Jensen

    Thomas Mikey Jensen is the founder of the United Family of Anomaly Hunters (UFAH) an international organization for Astro Archaeology Researchers, with a Main interest in Planet Mars and our Moon.

    Thomas Has presented his research on life on Mars since 2011 and has made several headlines with hi...

  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Sayed Noah

    Sayed is a former inspector of Antiquities in Egypt, former head of Archaeological Documentation Department in Luxor.

    He has seen clear secrets, misnamed as "errors" in Egyptian art and sculpture. A clear message that explains how the solar disc turned. But the earth had!

    Sayed Noah studied E...

  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Lucy Wyatt

    The BASES2024 summer seminars closes with a 4 part special, investigating the human cull. Part 1 has author and futurist Lucy Wyatt explain the bloodlines, the Venitians, leading the 20th Century, with Sandi Adams taking over from there, then Tersea Tannahill giving the scientific crises we have...

  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Sandi Adams

    The Human Cull series from BASES2024 summer seminars, continues with a second power woman, the famous Sandi Adams, who has trail blazed the UK truther scene with her data on the UN - WEF and Fabian Agenda to cull humanity, and make those left slaves. Sandi has achieved major success in getting th...

  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Teresa Tannahill

    This Human Cull special, continues with Part -3

    The Carrington Event and the Physics of the Pole Shift - Will Humanity Survive Net Zero Carbon?

    Tersesa is a multiskilled scientists, and has gathered this fundamental Must know in the catastrophic scenaria we face, Magnetic pole reversal, a 30 pl...

  • Bases2024 Summer Seminar - Q & A Sunday

    Q & A Sunday