BASES Interview

BASES Interview

BASES Interview
  • BASES In America

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    UFOs, Conferences, Interviews, Lectures.
    With Miles Johnston Bases TV in America

  • Bases In La Gomera

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    Bases Tv was invited to visit and interview some guests in LoGomera, by good friend and local wellness coach Ananda Gaya Maya. Three appear in this blog, French author Roberto Durante, who's book was banned, as it mentioned life after death. Ananda gives an introductory interview and "Enki", who ...

  • Bases 3 2023 - Interview With Gary Heseltine & Ben Emlyn Jones - Non Human

    After the main event, BASES2023 UFO Special, Gary came around for a causal chat with Ben Emlyn Jones, to discuss the Rendlesham Forest UFO Events. Ben is Welsh writer, author, and researcher, a former hospital porter, and he discusses Gary#s important new book on the Rendlesham multiple UFO event...