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Watch this video and more on BASES TV

Docufobia - The Secret Space Program



  • The Secret History Of Stonehenge - Ma...

    What the Arcaeologist won't tell you !

    Text for promo 1 Book launch and free talk on hyper elongated and lesser elongated skulls and earth energies. 23 March at the Henge Shop, Avebury. Zoom talk on the following on April 5th.

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  • Mars Unveiled - The Full Evaluation ...

    In August 2000, the Mars Global Surveyor Satellite took an image that show something extra ordinary on it.
    What look like a round saucer shaped object, was at first dismissed as an error on the image.
    Thomas Mikey Jensen took the challenge, an can now present the full evidence of it not being an ...

  • The Baltic Sea Anomaly - A Journey Ba...

    Join me on a one hour journey back in time, with The Ocean X Team.
    Review some of the ROV underwater footage and videos of the anomaly.
    This is some of the most intriguing foto's, animations, video's, and updates about the BSA.
    Hope you give it a watch and a share.
    What could it be !
    Will we...