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Watch this video and more on BASES TV

BASES 2023 Egypt - Maria Wheatley - Magical Squares



  • Anunnaki Gods & Goddesses - Inanna A ...

    Inanna - Queen of Heaven & Earth
    This is a great little bio of Innana and her life as a Queen.
    Innana was well known for achieving her goal by using her "Female Powers" She was fearless and fiery, and would never accept a no.
    She would always reach her goal !
    Amazing story of an amazing queen.

  • DocUFObia What If... We Had Full Dis...

    What If... The governments around the world told the truth about life in our universe ?
    What If... We found out there is life on the moon and on Mars ?
    What If... You could ask a question regarding the new statement of life in our Universe, What would you ask ?
    Did the Apollo 11 team see a UFO th...

  • Bases Tv - Project Camelot - Kerry Ca...

    Andrew Bridgen, with Kerry Cassidy, (in London, fresh from her return from Egypt) is briefly included at the start of this happy slightly comedial BANNED Chat with Miles Johnston and Kerry Cassidy.
    Once again YouTube bans another chat between Kerry and Miles. Talk about Liz Truss, former prime mi...