Bases 64 - Irish Witnesses

Bases 64 - Irish Witnesses

4 Episodes

Irish Witnesses Hosted by Miles Johnston Bases Tv

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Bases 64 - Irish Witnesses
  • Bases 64 - Irish Witnesses - Terry Battles

    Episode 1

    Terry Battles is an Irish contactee, with Mantid beings. He has interviewed thanks to Katherina Kavungu (Bases 45), as part of a trip to interview a series of important Irish witnesses.

    On this trip Miles was poisoned in an attempted assassination, using poison on luggage in Dublin.

    The degree ...

  • Bases 64 - Irish Withnesses - Dr. Helen Hensley

    Episode 2

    Bases Witness statements continue, from Ireland with Dr Mary Helen Hensley. A no nonsense brilliant women with New Death Experience, and guided to come to Ireland where she recognized the holographic nature of the ancient Antediluvian symbols at New Grange. This and her actual death in a car cras...

  • Bases 64 - Irish Witnesses - Katherina Kavungu

    Episode 3

    Katherina Kavungu: Certified Hypnotherapist (Dip Hyp), Regression Therapist (Dip RTh), Life Between Lives Therapist (Ct LBL), Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy™ Practitioner, Systemic Constellations Practitioner and Spirit Release Practitioner.
    After working for 10 years as a lawyer and analyst in...

  • Bases 64 - Irish Witnesses - Antoinette Glynn

    Episode 4

    The 4th and final Bases witness, in this session, Antoinette Glynn gives the detail in an intense fast blast, of the Irish - Egyptian connections in the very ancient pre Atlantis era, to the present day. She is a Near Death Experiencer, as with Dr Mary Helen Hensley.
    She runs the only Irish Myste...